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The Centre for the Advancement of Citizenry Participation in International Relations (CACPIR) was founded on the 04 January 2013 as a non-partisan organisation, and registered as the Nonprofit Organisation in September 2015 and subsequently as the Public Benefit Organisation in May 2016. 

The Centre is established to primarily create, provide and enhance meaningful platforms for ordinary citizens of the world, Africans in particular, to actively participate, cooperate and contribute within the World’s social, cultural and economic development processes; thus enabling citizens to lead their own developmental initiatives within their immediate diverse environments.

These platforms are intended to organise for active citizenry and position ordinary citizens as equal partners in defining the global development and cooperation trajectory during this 21st Century, which has been declared by the African Citizenry as “The African Century”. CACPIR, through all its structures, bolsters the niche of working intimately with ordinary citizens to conceptualise, design and implement programmes and projects that provide a practical response to the ideals of achieving a socially and economically just, tolerant, peaceful and united world society.


To be the leading world class Programme Management Centre renowned for delivering pragmatic people-to-people solution-driven development projects in the field of International Relations and Foreign Affairs, working with strategic partners within the public, private and ODA sector.


To advocate for the total inclusion, empowerment and beneficiation of ordinary citizenry in bilateral, minilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements signed under the cultural, social, economic, environmental, scientific, technology, trade and friendly relations between countries of the World.


To promote and enhance active citizenry participation in international relations processes through programmes and projects’ conceptualisation, design, implementation, cooperation and management guided by agreements, protocols and treaties signed between governments at the bilateral, minilateral and multilateral levels.

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