The Veterans Voice Radio Station is a futuristic initiative built on the immense possibilities brought about by the potential of the 4th Industrial Revolution, particularly within the broadcasting and media industry. The Online Streaming Radio was established after taking into cognisance the fact that Veterans, across sectors of specialisation, have a critical role to play in the reconstruction and repositioning of Africa’s liberation history narratives. As such, the Veterans, who have traversed through the epochs and been a greater part of the revolution and evolution of Africa’s regimes and trajectories, have a greater responsibility to their countries, to narrate the stories of their lived experiences (both pleasant and harsh) for the benefit of current and future generations to draw lessons from; with the aim of reshaping the consciousness of these generations to appreciate their own historical contexts, which will then enable them to build on the present and prepare for the future unified by the exemplary selfless and resilient character of their forebears in leading a push-back against colonialism and apartheid.

The short-term mission of the Veterans Voice Radio Station is to record and collate sufficient content to contribute to the basic education history curriculum, which will also be accessible through the mobile phone Android and iOS App.


Boundless AfricaTM Heritage-In-Motion Tours are aimed at strengthening consciousness about the historic ties that South Africa built overtime throughout the World. The Heritage-in-Motion Tours will position young creative people to strengthen friendly cooperation relations, anchored on common heritage that can be utilised and positioned as the epitome for strengthening human coexistence, cohesion and unifying creative communities.

The primary mission of the Boundless AfricaTM Heritage-In-Motion Tour is to build a concrete foundation for Africa’s Creative Route that can trigger South Africa’s Cultural Diplomacy policy.

South Africa’s Foreign Policy Community Outreach programme is conceptualised as an intervention to build and strengthen community’s understanding on South Africa’s foreign policy imperatives and tenets, with the aim of building confidence in leading the inclusion, empowerment and beneficiation in bilateral, minilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements signed under the cultural, social, economic, scientific, technology, trade and friendly relations between South Africa and countries with diplomatic ties.

It is envisaged that through partnerships with youth organisations, an initiative for Young International Relations Attachés Forums will be set up, working on facilitating community conversation and project interventions on International Relations or Foreign Affairs processes, particularly addressing matter that seem to have influenced public opinion on the role of South Africa’s national interest in the African Continent and the World.

Musical Peace ParksTM  are envisaged to breathe a new leaf of life and beautify public spaces such as parks, koppies and coastal beach-sides, for communities who have a greater interest in the outdoor creative and performance arts, especially the youth. Musical Peace ParksTM will serve as recreational facilities that will equal the soccer fields, netball fields, tennis courts and basketball courts that generally form part of the overall recreational infrastructure surrounding the Parks. Given the pleasures and excitement generated by the reverberations of drums, claps, song and dance, the Musical Peace ParksTM will thus capitalise on that euphoria of jubilation and joy to build cohesion amongst ordinary citizens and create greater awareness about the importance and responsible use of the environmental and communal leisure spaces, particularly community parks.

The MzansiICALTM are a practical response to ‘soft power’ acceleration of South Africa’s National Interest in the World. The MzansiICALTM will operate as independent globally resident agencies that promote South Africa’s Cultural Diplomacy, with strategic reporting channels to the State. It is therefore envisaged that a coordination committee will be set-up representing the key stakeholders to provide guidance, technical support, seed-funding support and institutional oversight to deliver the agreed mandate and vision of the MzansiICALTM.


The MzansiICALTM will in the main, adopt the modus operandi of Amandla Ensemble to set up and launch offices across the World. Of particular significance, the MzansiICALTM will design programmatic cooperation initiatives that will serve as a practical and tangible response to realising the objectives of the bilateral and multilateral Arts, Culture and Heritage cooperation agreements that South Africa is signatory to.


AU Agenda 2063 “Neighborhoods We Want” project will be led by ordinary citizens within their Ward demarcations anchored on the 7 Aspirations:

  1. A prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable development
  2. An integrated continent, politically united and based on the ideals of Pan-Africanism and the vision of Africa’s Renaissance
  3. An Africa of good governance, democracy, respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law
  4. A peaceful and secure Africa
  5. An Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, shared values and ethics
  6. An Africa whose development is people-driven, relying on the potential of African people, especially its women and youth, and caring for children
  7. Africa as a strong, united and influential global player and partner

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